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CallRec – Lite/Pro

***Record your phone calls - no limit on the number of calls***

Call Recorder allows you to record your telephone calls. There are no limits on the number of calls you make, the destination or the duration of the calls.


How to use the app?

When you are already during a call (using the phone standard dialer) to start recording follow these steps:

1) Open the app and click the Record button.

2) Click on Call to approve the call to the app’s phone. Wait until you see the conversation screen again.

3) Wait for a few seconds until the Merge button is enabled and click on it to merge the calls.

The recording starts once you see the conference indication on the top of the screen.

To listen to the recording open the app and switch to the Recordings tab. 

How much does it cost ?

If you use CallRec - Lite then you can use the service for free for calls that last less than 1 minute. In order to listen to longer calls make a monthly subscription. If you use CallRec - Pro then you need to make a monthly subscription to use the service.


Before making the subscription you can 3 days FREE TRIAL so you can test the service without paying.

How does it work?

The call is recorded by merging your call to a conference call with the app's phone. Before using the app make sure your carrier and phone support making conference calls.

Terms and Privacy policy

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