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Call Recorder – IntCall - PAYG

About the app

A Top 10 app in over 100 countries worldwide. More then 10M downloads

Call Recorder - IntCall allows you to record your telephone calls. The entire call is recorded and saved on your phone. You can use the app to make calls and record them from your iPhone, iPad and iPod and from any Android enabled device. With the app you can listen to your recorded call on the phone or export it to your computer or to DropBox, Whatsapp and other apps.

Tthe app makes the calls over the VoIP protocol. The price of each call is calculated per destination / minute.

There is no subscription plan.

A good and stable internet connection is a must during the call. The app's built-in VPN can be used to overcome VoIP blocking (for example Saudi Arabia).

How to use the app

Record outgoing calls

1) From the main dialer screen enter the number or select a contact number and click on Dial.

2) Your phone will call the person and you can make the conversation as if you are using a normal phone.

3) When the call is finished switch to the Recordings tab and there you can listen to the recording or send it via Email.

Record incoming calls

When you are already during a call (using the phone standard dialer) to start recording follow these steps:

1) Open the app. The app will display a special 'during-call' screen. Click the Record button.

2) The app will call you phone. Select Hold & Accept.

3) Wait for a few seconds until the Merge button is enabled and click on it to merge the calls.

Once you see the conference indication on the top of the screen the call is recorded.

To listen to the recording open the app and switch to the Recordings tab. 

How much does it cost 

After downloading the app for the first time users get some free credit and free test call to the app's answering machine so they can experiment with the application and make sure they are satisfied with the audio quality and the recording process.

Then, in order to make more calls users need to buy credit. The call is not billed by the user carrier but by the app and will not appear on the user phone bill. Users can buy credit with Apple’s In App Purchase at the credit tab or via PayPal from out site. The full price list can be viewed from the credit tab or here (see button below).

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