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Jellyfish Music Player

Listen to your music on iPhone without having to sync with iTunes

Do you have lots of music on your computer and would like to listen to it on your iPhone but find iTunes sync uncomfortable to use? Or maybe are you an Android user that switched to iPhone? Jellyfish Music Player allows you to listen to your music files on your iPhone without using iTunes Sync. Instead you can transfer your audio files from your computer using USB via iTunes File Sharing.  

How to use the app?

To transfer your audio files from your computer you have to use iTunes File Sharing feature. With File Sharing you copy files from your computer directly to the app when you phone is connected via USB. Click here to see more details.

Once the files are transferred to the app you can organize them in folders as you like. You listen to the files from the app itself like you use any other music player app. The files cannot be played by Apple Music app due to Apple limitation.

New! iTunes 12.7 comes with two major improvements:

1- You can copy complete folders via File Sharing, so you don't even need to organize them with the app. Just copy an entire folder and it will appear in the app. Sub-folders are not supported by the app so make sure the music files are directly below the folder you copied.

2- It's easier to find File Sharing - select your Phone and then File Sharing on the left panel.

How much does it cost ?

You can use the app free of charge for a trial period of 30 days. When the trial period is finished you can still listen to the music you have transferred to the app but cannot add new music. To add new files you need to upgrade to the unlimited version of the app for 4.99 USD.

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