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Jellyfish Music Player

Transfer via USB

To transfer by USB you need to use Apple iTunes desktop app from your computer. However you don't need to use Sync but instead you use File Sharing which allows you to simply copy files from your computer to the app. 

To do it follow this steps:

Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.

1- Click on the iphone icon

2- Click on Apps

3- Scroll down to File Sharing

Note: It is much better to view this page from a desktop computer screen


1- Click on Music Player

2- Add .mp3 files using the Add button on the right.

After you transfer the files use the app to organize them:

1 - Click on the Add button.

2 - Then select either Auto organize or Send to Folder to organize the files. You can then copy more files using iTunes and click on the refresh Usb button to see them.

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